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Hot Stones, Aromatherapy or CBD healing balm may be added to your massage at no extra charge

Integral Healing Massage

In our signature Integral Massage, your therapist will give you a relaxing experience, designed to melt away stress, uplift your mood, and help you reconnect to your body and spirit. Using a variety of modalities inclusive of Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, Reflexology, stretches, & acupressure points for the balance of chi and opening of the heart chakra. This is a whole body experience, for wellness integration. 

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Our Deep Tissue/Sports Massage is for those who prefer a firmer touch, suffer from chronic pain, may have athletic injuries, or who have dense areas of tension. Slower, deeper techniques like transverse friction (deep tissue), or cross fiber (myofascial), trigger point (pain pathways), and stretches may be used to penetrate the deeper layers of fascia & decrease stress, inflammation & tension. This massage may not address the entire body during a 60 minute session; a 90 minute session is ideal for a full body experience. 

30 Minute Integral Healing Massage $75
30 Minute Deep/Sports Massage $85 

60 Minute Integral Healing Massage $145
60 Minute Deep/Sports Massage $160

75 Minute Integral Healing Massage $165
75 Minute Deep/Sports Massage $180

90 Minute Integral Healing Massage $175
90 Minute Deep/Sports Massage $195


15 Minute Shiatsu Style Massage $40

An invigorating refresh! Acupressure points and stretches to stimulate flow of chi.

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