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We are masters in brow design, intricately sculpting and balancing your eyebrows to their fullest natural potential. Starting at the age 35 most of us begin losing the hairs in our brows and experience a decrease in new follicle production. Due to this, Marilyn Jaeger Skincare prioritizes maintaining full, natural, and luscious brows tailored to each indivual's face shape. No eyebrow is cookie cutter here! 

Marilyn Jaeger Skincare's Brow Smooth & Laminate is like no other, we shape and set your hairs to sit right in their sweet spot to highlight your brow's natural beauty. We see curly, pointy, and brow hairs that go straight down.. if you struggle with this, Brow Smooth & Laminate is our solution. Consult with our practitioners to make sure this is the right service for you!

Brow Design & Consult $50+

Brow Design & Wax $39+ or Tweeze $48+

Brow Tint $30+

Brow Wax & Brow Tint $69+

Brow Smooth & Laminate $115: Great to help relax "spikey", curly and unruly hairs. We utilize the lamination process to refine your brows to their fullest potential and help guide them to stay in the best direction for your ideal shape.

Brow Wax & Smooth $145: Brow wax and lamination to smooth and refine your shape.

Brow Refine Trio $155: Brow wax or tweeze, tint, and lamination and together in a bundled price. 

Lash Tint $75

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